General Purposes Committee

The General Purposes Committee meets once a month on a Wednesday and follows the meeting of the Planning Committee, which usually finishes at approximately 7.20pm (time sometimes varies).

The Committee addresses issues relating to public furniture, parish maintenance, play equipment, amenity land/playing fields, footpaths and drainage (among other things).

Requests for new bins, benches, bus shelters etc. are received at this meeting, as are requests to do with the maintenance of the parish.

Meetings of the General Purposes Committee are open to the public and copies of the agenda should be available on the website or upon request on the night of the meeting.


Cllr Mrs D Bailey

Cllr M Barnes

Cllr Mrs P Godwin

Cllr P Mackenzie

Cllr Mrs E MacTiernan

Cllr E Phennah

Cllr C Porter

Cllr J Roberts

Cllr K Sollis

Cllr Mrs S Terry

Cllr S Ward

Cllr C Woodward



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