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Responsibilities of Northway Parish Council include:-

  • Northway Community Hub & Parish Office
  • Northway Village Hall (currently leased to the Trustees of Northway Youth Club)
  • Changing Rooms (currently leased to Tewkesbury Town Football Club)
  • Playpark at Northway Playing Field
  • Northway Playing Field
  • The Park Amenity Land
  • Defibrillators located at The Northway Centre, Northway Community Hub, in the phone box on the junction of The Park and Hardwick Bank Road, Changing Rooms at Northway Playing Field
  • Bus Shelters
  • Dog Bins
  • Litter Bins
  • Grass cutting, depending on location, is either Parish, Borough or County
  • Consultee on planning applications
  • Benches

To report any issue please contact the Clerk on (01684 297938) or use the contact form below.


    Tewkesbury Borough Council

    Responsibilities of Tewkesbury Borough Council include:-

    • Waste Collection including bulky items
    • Recycling
    • Street Cleansing
    • Emptying litter and dog bins
    • Council Tax collection
    • Housing
    • Planning
    • Community Transport
    • Tewkesbury Leisure Centre
    • Town Centre Car Parks
    • Conservation
    • Graveyards

    You can report problems relating to the following on or by calling (01684) 295010

    Abandoned vehicles

    Anti-social behaviour


    Bus shelter problems or damage

    Car parks on TBC owned land

    Damaged litter bin

    Dangerous building or structure

    A dead animal in the street

    Dog mess/fouling

    Dog waste bin – damaged

    Dog waste bin – overflowing


    Food item complaint

    Food business establishment complaint

    Fly-tipping or littering

    Graffiti, fly posting or vandalism

    Grass cutting or verges

    Health & Safety complaint

    Licensing issues

    Missed bin collection

    Noise complaint

    Planning infringement or

    Playgrounds or playing fields

    unauthorised development


    Stray dogs/dog warden service

    Street cleansing

    Street nameplate problem

    Gloucestershire County Council

    Responsibilities of Gloucestershire County Council include:-

    • Education
    • Transport
    • Fire & Public Safety
    • Social Care
    • Libraries
    • Waste Management
    • Trading Standards
    • Archives
    • Public Rights of Way
    • Road maintenance
    • Street Lighting

    To report any issues

    Highways issues can be reported on:- or


    During the current Covid 19 pandemic Gloucestershire Highways are continuing to respond to enquiries and defects on the network, but please follow the guidance below in reporting issues to them.  All non-emergency matters should be reported online or emailed to

    If a highways issues poses an immediate danger to public safety please call the emergency number 08000 514 514.  These would be classed as:-

    Objects on the highway network (i.e. a fallen tree)

    Faulty temporary or permanent traffic light (i.e. stuck on red)

    Exposed cables

    Multiple street lighting faults

    Flooded roads

    Potholes (over 75mm deep) – non emergency potholes can be reported online