Certificate of Appreciation for Mrs Eleanor Billingham

Administrator • 01 Jan 2014 (00:00 GMT)

Mrs Eleanor Billingham Presentation

At the Annual Parish Meeting (Parish Assembly) a very worthy resident of Northway received a 'Certificate of Appreciation. Congratulations Mrs Eleanor Billingham

'Following a nomination from Mr Peachy, a neighbour, the Council agreed with him that Eleanor Billingham was worthy of special recognition for her acts of community service - which have gone far above and beyond what should be expected of anyone. At a popular public right of way in Northway dog walkers hadbeen leaving their dog waste behind, some bagged and some not. Mrs Billingham took it upon herself to provide a black bag for dog walkers to dispose of the waste in. When the black bag would get full she would then collect it using her wheelbarrow, and unload at the nearest dog waste bin and again replacing another black bag for use.

A request had been made for a dog waste bin to be installed at this location but due to a review of services by Tewkesbury Borough Council permission was not given. After eight months of negotiations Northway Parish Council is happy to announce that today, 25th March 2019, Tewkesbury Borough Council have agreed that the Parish Council can provide and install a dog waste bin (subject to exact location being approved).

This goes to show you, Mrs Billingham, that your community mindedness has been worth it. Although you did not want or ask for any recognition you can be assured that you have made the area in which you live a nicer place for all'.